100 thoughts on “VEGETAS NEW POWER! Moro Defeats Ultra Instinct Goku Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 60 Review

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    🔹 MORO BEATS ULTRA INSTINCT?! Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Moro Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 59 Review


  2. Transportation technic learnt in 10 seconds. Vegeta 1# by far ! 10 seconds !!!! a hero !!! a god !! a genius ! He will replace Beerus very soon and maybe later god of all universes

  3. I think Vegeta definitely has gotten stronger, But has a specific plan and or technic he is going to use on This new foe. Considering he is familiar with Maro I think it's possible he could win. However I think ultimately it's going to end with our heroes working together in order to win! I believe they will together come up with some ultimate plan in defeating Maro! My conclusion!

  4. NOOOOOOOO! Somebody give me the remote control from Click so I can fast forward to the next Manga chapter!!!

  5. It's been a long time since we had a badass Vegeta moment. I hope he can at least cripple Moro a little. I think they might ultimately have to fuse to defeat him.

  6. whatever happens we know that all of them will live on because of the last episode of dragon ball Z skipping like 5-6 years later….so as long as we don't get a new chapter after that time it is not rly interesting because we know that everyone is ok.

  7. After goku became friends with Zeno why can’t he just call him every time or am I missing something hmm 🤔

  8. Or Moro powers so much that he unleashes God of destruction and Berus joins the fight wishful thinking lol

  9. That's the sikkkest Vegeta Pic I've seen since SSJ3 fanfic.

    Sssssooo stoked!
    I knew this was gonna end right at that panel. :'( T_T FML…another month!

  10. Vegeta gonna bitch slap moro for a while but moro will absorb vegetas energy while fighting … Then they throw a senzu bean for whatever reason, then fusion… Moro dies

  11. As a huge vegeta fan I’ve read this chapter about 10 times!! I really hope they don’t let us down 😅

  12. who gives a shit they need to make one of the other Z fighters powerful again Piccolo Tien Yamcha Krillin they need boosts fuck vegeta and goku

  13. Well so far it looks like story written by a twelve-year-old boy Dragon ball should've had ended with dragon Ball Z

  14. I can already smell the trolling Vegeta gonna get in a few chapters from now! cause he start to fight while Goku is not even unconscious.
    Goku get to watch from the side and learn, or use the time to make a spirit bomb keep in mind Goku didnt use MUI.
    + 2 more alternatives for this to end with. a Gogeta fusion or Beerus intervantion.
    Vegeta will get a nice little moment but no more than that LOL.
    It's almost as if it's in his contract with Toyotarou or something, meh at least it's better than what the rest got.

  15. Only goku mastered ultra instinct could defeat moro but the last time merus said he didn't mastered yet
    Damn it how hard is even that technique to master OMG

  16. WOW! At the 9:15 mark I was completely locked in to your narrative. Flawless delivery bro. This is what the fans need! You have given the manga a massive power up! Liked and subscribed!
    Cheers mate.

  17. The fact ive gotta wait a month to see what happens next really makes me sad 🙄 this chapter was amazing tho

  18. Another damn good chapter. But now, I really have a bad feeling about what Merus is going to do. He has too much compassion to obey the orders, in an anti-zamasu kind of way. I think he is indeed going to sacrifice himself with moros defeat.

  19. This Is Cool! Can Anyone Tell Me Where I Can Find These Manga Chapters? And What Chapter Was The One Where This All Started Like I Mean After The Last Anime Episode With The Tournament Of Power N The Broly Movie Like What Chapter Number Is The One That Starts After All That?

  20. 15:41 this doesn't make sense to me tien could sense ULTRA INSTINCT we already establish that ULTRA INSTINCT is a technique like kaioken so why can't he sense it

  21. Beerus wants to go to earth, thats why now he’s saying “whis i said i am starving” he wants to handle morro ! Mannn this manga is getting tooo good.

  22. GOKUUU I thought master roshi told you this relying on pure strength isn't gonna get you no where even your super sayian blue arua is starting to leak out but I guess goku is finally getting character development he probably gonna realize that power alone can't solve all your problems and find a way to better himself but it's really un goku of him to go all out to get the job done quickly

  23. This is kinda getting repetitive every fucking time a main villain is here it's Ethier goku or vegeta have enough power to do something and everybody else is just watching like DO SOMETHING

  24. “ SAIYAN PRINCE!!!! fuck yeah!! Vegetas here to save the mothafuckin day yeah!!!!” If you don’t get this reference you’re too young for me.

  25. I may be extremely late to the party but does anyone else other than me hate when they say "autonomous ultra instinct" in the english dub? I just bought the final chapters a couple months back and was like why are they saying it like that??!! When the original dub was out they never said that

  26. Maybe Vegeta learned to control his energy outside of his body so if it’s drained it’ll act like a poison in Moro’s body. Certainly would wreck Moro as the fight continued and Vegeta’s stamina would come down to his ridiculous will power.

  27. I really hope Vegeta has something up his sleeve because I just keep thinking how much is too much. Every damn saga Goku reaches a new plateau and it gets shot down like nothing. Ive been watching DB since it first aired in the US back in the late 90s. And they just keep recycling the same thing over and over and over. But for some reason it keeps working.

  28. My guess is that vegeta does amazing Moro does some bs move to survive and then some random shit where goku goes ultra instinct white hair and wins cause apparently the creator can never give someone else the win and keeps it basic every time to the point it’s annoying

  29. I'm a Vegeta fan. But…i think he will almost win, but then not win. Both Vegeta and his new technique and Goku with UI will fair. Something like Buu will be needed and likely team work again.

  30. If beerus doesn't get involved i feel like gogeta will end up coming into play or goku goes to get broly(which may not happen)

  31. Vegeta took a page from goku book by appearing direct in front of Goku as he has done many times to Vegeta.

  32. I’m thinking Vegetas new power will be more powerful than UI sign but still not as powerful as mastered UI

  33. Yeah in my opinion Vegeta didn’t really Surpass Goku but had a WAY better skill than Goku I think in power Goku is still stronger or They’re both even I could be wrong so I’m gonna wait for the next chapter to come but this is my opinion now

  34. I know you REALLY try to pad out the videos but this one is a masterpiece in thesaurus stupidity. Like to the point where what you are saying actually makes literally no sense if you read the transcript 😂

  35. The whole premise of ultra instinct has been thrown out of the window. Now it’s just been reduced to yet another power up that no longer renders its user untouchable. Typical dragon ball.

  36. In this Manga Goku really draining himself too quick, Moro is just calculating everything they doing from blocking to attacking. Goku stamina is gone his down fall, he needs to train his body on controlling his stamina and endurance

  37. The good thing about this chapter.
    1. Good fight scene
    2. Vegeta coming back

    Bad thing is.
    1. At goku power level now. This fighting scene should be more impactful
    2. Gohan or picollo not helping goku while 17 and 18 fighting. This 2 guy so lame.
    3. 17 and 18 try to fight moro that ultra instinct power level.. In cell arc 17 struggling fighting against cell that maybe 2 or 3times stronger than him. And 18 try to run..

    This manga is so plain and rush. Sorry for bad English

  38. Can we all agree that Vegeta finally get to shine again. Like when he came and took out Android 19 and Cell before he made Cell go Perfect Cell. But this time he takes out a main villain.

  39. Shouldn't the Oracle fish me disturbed at the facts that beerus is eating Fish and isn't the Oracle fish a cannibal?

  40. Hope this is Vegeta’s time but i think after defeating Vegeta then killing a friend of Goku the just like he said about Saiyans powering up when theyre backs against the wall Goku will go MUI and finish him.

  41. I absolutely hate the literally useless excessively word way the is explaining what is happening they arent having to be noticing anything

  42. every time a character uses the mouth ki blast it deals alot of damage from nappa to Racoome piccolo Broly and now Moro

  43. Bro I been subscribed for so many years you are my favorite Dbz Youtuber to this day narration is AMAZING🔥

  44. I have a feeling that Vegeta and Goku will fuse and tap into UI in the coming chapters. Which ultimately will grant Vegeta some insight on UI which will make them both OPAF. Thoughts?

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